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It goes as it comes

On Oct. 29th, an exceptional tide reached a peak of 160cm. The tide regularly lowered in just a few hours and this unprecedented event will not occur again for some years, experts say.
Since the morning after (Oct. 30th), the city was completely dried and the situation quickly returned to normality: all the shops, museums and restaurants are open as usual, of course after a heard overnight of cleaning!

The images & videos of floods in Internet only refers to that day but people think the water is still everywhere..

© courtesy of @kyle_c_87

Wear a pair of boots and enjoy it!

Many people think Acqua Alta is dangerous and lasts for many days. This is not true.

Of course it could cause some damages and slow down the city during its peaks, which normally last for a couple of hours. If you wear a pair of boots (sold everywhere in Venice!), you’ll probably have just some fun!

Seen from a different perspective, it’s a gentle flood, gifting magic and peculiar moments, like those ones pictured in this page..

Images are courtesy of @keelyalphabet  @andreasthomasmayer  @ahtitihemets and @ristorantelocal respectively      

.. only for scientists 🙂

Search and install the app “Hi!Tide” you find it in your app/play store, or visit this website for official tide forecasts. If you prefer stay comfortably in the hotel and skip the peak when it comes: stay relaxed in your hotel when cm displayed in the app are above 110cm (that is for no more of a couple of hours) and remember: we have high tides normally only in November and December, most of the times it’s during the night. In case they come, only a copuple of hours are affected and they are definitely not a problem, especially if you wear boots.

The hotel is in a high area so it’s completely tide-free up to 140cm. .. In the case forecasts say the water level would reach more than 115/120 centimetersyou can relax in the hotel for an hour or so. OTHERWISE you can exit and buy a pair of boots, reach St. mark’s square and safely enjoy the specacle!

(high tide happens only a few times a year; generally between november and december)
(it lasts for just a couple of hours! )

St. Mark’s flooding adds magic

© courtesy of @seesarahsee

about the author: Michele C.
(boutique hotel manager & Venice Local Expert)

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